Online Counseling : An Effective Client

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Online Counseling
Although the internet is a fairly new and innovative mean for communication between individuals and professionals, this resource may possess many risks. The possibilities could be the fault of the professional, the client, or simply the way that information is exchanged. Counseling can now be offered through email, via chat, and through video chat.
Email Counseling
Email counseling gives the client and the professional a chance to converse through the means of the internet. The client will type their problems and send an email to a professional, who would respond using professional judgment. Email counseling has many qualities because typing out ones issues may be unconsciously therapeutic to the client, the client may feel as if he or she is being more discrete and feel less stressed about seeking services: it also gives the client the option to respond when he or she feels comfortable without giving an immediate response (Childress, 200). Chat Counseling
Chat counseling is an intervention used in real time which allows the client and professional to converse through instant messaging. If a client is seeking immediate responses from a professional then this option may suffice, because it gives the client the choice of remaining anonymous.
Video Conferencing Video conferencing is the closest intervention to face to face consultations. A computer program is used that allows the professional and the client to view each other in real time through a screen.
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