Online Courses A Better Way Of Learning Than A Traditional On Campus

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Online classes are quickly becoming a popular option for college students. Although being around since the mid-90s, it has taken off over the past few years. It can be a beneficial alternative to on-campus classes. Institutions are trying to make it more convenient for students to get their degree. Some of the people who can benefit from online classes are students who live far from their college, have children, have jobs, or are disabled. People in this era are already on the internet for the majority of their day. They are familiar with the internet. So now they can use their time for something useful like getting a degree. I believe that online learning is a more efficient way of learning than a traditional on-campus course. This brings up a question this paper is going to attempt to answer. Are online courses a better way of learning than a traditional on-campus class? Information from online sources, written by educated individuals and important organizations, will be used throughout this paper. These sources will help support the claim that online courses do, in fact, offer a better way to learn. In the fall term of 2009, about 5,600,000 students were enrolled in an online class. That is about a 1 million student increase from 2008 (Allen & Seaman 2). This supports the fact that online learning is quickly taking over on-campus courses. Students are realizing that online learning is more beneficial to them. The interactions between online courses and on-campus
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