Online Courses And Traditional Courses Essay

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With the developing of technology, internet gradually becomes an important element in many areas. The high efficiency and convenient of internet benefits many individuals and groups. Internet also involves higher education in many different ways, and online courses is one of them. When the online courses appear, people begin to compare them with traditional classes which are taught in visual classroom. As a result, two groups of people with different idea on online courses will against each other. However, I do not think there is a specific result to say which one is better for higher education. Data table shows that the gap of online courses and traditional courses is only 2.94(Daymont & Blau, 2008, May). The data shows that these two kinds of education will lead to similar result, and both of them have unique advantages and disadvantages. Internet is just a tool which can helps students succeed. This tool may be only fit for groups of people and some of classes, but it will improve the higher education as a whole when it combine with traditional teaching method. Just like eating, each person may choose different tableware for each dish. Usually, people will use more than one tableware for one meal, because each tableware has unique function, and the combination of them will lead to a most effective result. Same with the courses in higher education, the combination of online courses and traditional visual classroom will lead to the most effective and efficiency way to
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