Online Courses Versus Traditional Courses

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A look at Online & Traditional courses The choices we make for our education are very important. Especially when it comes to our college education, and the types of courses we will take. In today’s society 30% of all college students take at least one online class. That brings us to the subject I want to talk about in this essay. What is the comparison and contrast of online courses versus traditional courses? We will examine the similarities and differences of online and traditional courses, when it comes to teaching, attending, and learning. First we’ll take a look at online courses. Teaching an online class still requires an instructor. However, unlike traditional classes, the students aren’t face to face with the teacher. The instructor could even possibly be in another state somewhere. This makes for a more student led teaching experience. The instructor is mainly there to answer questions, post assignments, and grade assignments as they’re turned in. Another difference between online and traditional courses is the way classes are attended. You can pretty much take an online course from anywhere with an internet connection and a computer. Making online courses much more convenient to the student’s schedule. No worrying about being late to class or taking an absence. Also, for those who are anti-social online courses give them a way to still pursue higher learning. Online classes open the doors to potential students that aren’t able to go back and
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