Online Customer Relationship and Marketing: MedEd and CyberHealth Case Study

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Slide One: There are a number of different techniques in e-marketing that we must become familiar with in order to successfully leverage our acquisition of CyberHealth. Personalized customer interaction involves things like logging a website visitor's previous history onto cookies, so that when that person comes back to your site, he or she can be directed back to the key pages previously viewed. Online retailing sites like Amazon do this very well. A related concept is customer relationship management, whereby the institution takes a proactive role in managing that relationship, including personalized customer interaction, and initiating contact, such as through email reminders. Customer experience management is more specifically related to the online experience itself, where by using knowledge gained about the customer and his or her surfing of the site, the institution can guide the customer to specific experiences. For example, somebody who has browsed briefly about a certain program but never saw a key page about the school or program can be guided there. We want to create an experience for the customer, rather than leaving it to the chance of random surfing. Slide Two: Interactive relationship marketing takes a more holistic view of the relationship that we are trying to build with our online customers, through our communications with them, through their online experiences. Relationship marketing is based on the idea that marketing is not about a series of one-off

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