Online DTR and Payroll System using RFID with SMS

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CHAPTER III Research Methodology This chapter discusses the different stages of system development and its design. It also includes project design that discusses the external, internal and program design. The next stage of the system development is the project development that presents the different phases that discusses the basic planning to operation. The last two stages are the operation and testing procedures and the evaluation procedure. Project Design Graphical User Interface (G.U.I) Figure 2.0 Sample Homepage Program Flowchart of the proposed system Figure 3.0 Operational Process Flow Chart of the Proposed System (Employee) Figure 3.1 Operational Process Flow Chart of the Proposed…show more content…
Maintenance changes correct errors and adapt to changes in the environment. Enhancement provides new features and benefits. Security controls safeguard the system from both external and internal threats. A well designed system must be secured, reliable, maintainable and scalable. A scalable design can expand to meet the new business requirements and volumes. Information system development is always a work in progress. Business processes change rapidly, and most information systems needs to be updated significantly or replaced after several years of operation. Context Diagram Figure 5.0 Context Diagram of Proposed System Diagram 0 Figure 6.0 Diagrams 0 of the Proposed System Entity Relationship Diagram The Entity Relationship Diagram of the proposed system shows the interaction of data happening to the system. ` Figure 7.0 Entity Relationship Diagram of the proposed system. The employee must use the card through RFID to log in and log out. The relation between EMPLOYEE and EMPLOYEE LOG IN / OUT is one to one (1:1) because every employee had their own cards. The employees need to do a time in and time out to have a basis that they render a duty to the company. That is why as proponent we provide an option in case they forgot to log in / out for such reason, they can send a message thru SMS stating the time they started to do a work and

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