Online Data Collection and Personal Privacy-a Review of the Literature

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Introduction The growth of the internet enters into marketing world (Kımıloğlu, 2004). The internet is used as another marketing tool in several purposes; a cost-effective advertising channel (Eri, Islam and Daud, 2011), a resource for customers’ personal data obtaining (Pope and Lowen, 2009), and a market place (Lwin, Wirtz and Williams, 2007). Apart from those rising benefits, there are also problems and ethical issues growing aside. Privacy seems to be the biggest issue that marketers have to deal with the growth marketing use of the internet (Pitta, Franzak and Laric, 2003; Miyazaki, 2008). Many researches found that privacy could have effects on trust, loyalty, and attitude on customers toward companies doing business on the…show more content…
3.Collecting 2 personal data to create information with intention of selling it; this approach of data collecting tends to be the most invasive to personal privacy perspectives. Miyazaki (2008) states that the invasion of personal privacy of data collecting occurs when it is combined by two perspectives; tracking data and information of customers (Kımıloğlu, 2004), and the lack of information about how data is collected or is used and ability to control. The latter seems to be a huge problem issue and privacy invasion (Dommeyer and Gross, 2003; Pitta, Franzak and Laric, 2003; Dubelaar, Jevons and Parker, 2003; Christiansen, 2011). There are many undisclosed circumstances of using personal information that threat customers’ privacy for example price adjusting and shopping pattern tracking. Insurance companies measure individual’s risk of injury and death based on personal information of the internet searches and blogs, then accordingly adjust one’s insurance price (Pitta, Franzak and Laric, 2003; Christiansen, 2011). Providing a club card to use in supermarkets for customers to collect points allows supermarkets to track consumers’ shopping patterns (Pitta, Franzak and Laric, 2003). As the increase of data collection and media reports of its affect (Pitta, Franzak and Laric, 2003; Ha, 2004), privacy concern increases on customers (Pitta, Franzak and Laric, 2003; Ha, 2004; Spake, Finney and Joseph, 2011; Bernard, 2011). This is the
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