Online Dating And Its Impact On The World

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With the advancement of the Internet, we have seen many changes in the dating world. Hundreds of applications and websites have been created in order to connect people locally and internationally. Among these websites and applications are online dating tools. Online dating began in 1995 when was created, and has grown significantly since. Millennials (the generation born between the 1980’s and the mid 2000’s) were born into the digital revolution. Growing up, we were more likely to text to ask for a date, rather than in person, or even over the phone. Now that most Millennials are teenagers or older, dating apps have become the new norm. With apps like OkCupid, Tinder, Grindr, and more, traditional dating values have gone out the door to make room for online dating. The thing our parents knew as “courting,” rarely exists within the Millennial generation. So, with all these knew dating tools, the question becomes: Has online dating actually affected how Millennials date?

Literary Review In our research about online dating and the effect it has had on how Millennials date, we found that there were some common ideas among writers. Because our topic is relatively new, finding actual journals or research studies were hard. We decided to focus mostly on articles written for big name websites like Forbes and Time. The first things we decided to look at were the statistics of online dating. Online dating began in 1995 when was created. This is during a time
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