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Online dating photos are important, but you know that already. You know that a profile with a photo gets opened 8x more than one without. You know that an email with a photo attached gets read first.

There's no question about those things anymore, that's old news. What I really want you to understand is the power of having a GREAT photo.

Everyone has photos these days, but fortunately, most people still use bad photos. A bad photo can make you look terrible, no matter how hot you are in real life. A great photo will attract people, no matter what you look like.

Amongst the adventures I've had in life, one of them was working as a professional photographer. I now shoot only for sport, but am happy to be able to share with you some rules
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Believe it or not, this has a huge different on how people interpret your character. If you post a photo of yourself taken in a dark basement without using a flash, you'll come across as a low energy/low value person. If you are well lit and bright, you'll come across as high energy/high value (read: FUN) person. No one looks good when they are so underexposed you can't even see their eyes.

TIP: Use a photo taken outside with natural light, but force your camera flash on (called fill flash) so that it fills out any shadows on your face made by the
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It may cost you a quarter of what a professional will charge, or they may do it for free, simply for the experience and the addition to their portfolio. Make sure you tell them what you want it for. If you explain that you need an interesting photo that will stand out over the competition, or a sexy headshot that will grab people's attention, they will most likely jump at the challenge. Before you choose one, get a look at their portfolio or previous work to see if it is inline with a style that suits
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