Online Dating : The Negative Side Of Finding Significant Others Over The Internet

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ay, 2017 Online Dating: The Negative Side of Finding Significant Others Over the Internet Before the birth of technology and social media, people approached their significant others face-to face. They encountered their future wives or husbands at schools, malls, markets, libraries or at any physical places. Everyone came to know others by recognizing their real faces, hearing their real voice, and understanding their real personalities. However, as the trend of using technological devices and social media continues to increase, most people prefer sitting behind their screens to search for their romantic partners. They encounter their potential lovers on social media such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. According to Janet Buder,…show more content…
Furthermore, cyber security is a huge problem with online dating that users should be considered. According to Danielle Couch, Pranee Liamputtong, and Marian Pitts, public health researchers at La Trobe University, people may approach strangers who have criminal or fake backgrounds, which exposes them to rape, violent behavior, or physical as well as emotional abuse (Couch, Liamputtong, and Pitts). Additionally, a professor in the Department of Communication at Stanford University, Jeffrey Hancock, states that social media also has the capability to enhance self-presentation by editing photos and personal information for the purpose of creating a better version of individuals as far as their physical appearances, personalities and their personal life (Hancock and Toma 367). Thus, social media is not a perfect intermediary to seek for romantic partners among adults because there is a high risk of exposing individuals to dangerous situations as well as meeting mismatched partners whose online and real-life personal profiles do not correspond to each other. Obviously, online dating not only saves people time, but it also saves large amount of individuals’ financial resource. In the article “Online Dating Doesn 't Just Save You Time, It Saves You at Least $6, 400,” David Stout claims that online dating is much more affordable than meeting partners in person. Stout reasons that it takes forty-two months for couples who meet in real life to end up in marriage, and
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