Online Distance Learning Essay

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Online Distance Learning Throughout the past few decades, online distance learning has become a prevalent method of teaching. Through the use of technology, the field of education has been slightly altered to fit the needs of both the educators and their pupils, by developing a communication system. For example, creating email addresses and generating websites, where the teacher and student can interact. The development of online distance learning is beneficial to the future of education because it provides more opportunity for students. What exactly does “online distance learning” mean? “A type of education where students work independently and communicate with faculty and other students via computer based communication”…show more content…
Along with distance learning comes flexibility, convenience, and reliability. For example, there are never interruptions because the class is web based and students can complete assignments based on their individual schedules. “Online education is possibly the biggest event in American intellectual life in the past forty years,” stated Gerald A. Heeger. This statement expresses how significant distance learning has become in society. Contrary to the advantages of distance learning there are a few, minor drawbacks to this style of learning. Unfortunately, virtual campuses are based on economic profit rather than educational purposes. “Online Professors can’t witness student’s body language. If I can’t see the faces, I can’t know anything about them” (Vicchio, Stephen). Since there is no face-to-face communication, instructors cannot see the student’s reactions, which can result in confusion among the subject being discussed. In contrast to the traditional classroom setting, which teaches students to interact with one another, distance learning unfortunately takes away this value. Sitting in front of a computer, usually surrounded by family, does not allow the student to practice social learning. “As children grow up in an
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