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Running head: ABC Corporation Online e-Business Growth Plan

Online e-Business Growth Plan for ABC Corporation
Valerian Coutinho
Western Governors University

ABC Corporation needs a new strategy to expand market penetration and grow annual revenues. This document details some of the strategies which can be utilized to build upon the current business model. The new e-business model will help the company build on the product differentiation strategy and also enable the company to create value added dependency for the current and new customers. The e-business model can also be used to improve the company’s product branding across the globe and can be used as a stepping stone into moving aggressively into new emerging markets
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In the Wheel-End market, the competitors are KIC and Webb Wheel. ABC also has independent distributors who would provide additional sales channel to the end users.
None of the manufacturing competitors have utilized the web to provide value added services to customers. Their website is setup to provide basic product information to customers in Portable Document Format (PDF) but there is no feedback or collaborative tools to help the customer have a long lasting and memorable experience.
Here are some of the current website examples of ABC direct competitors. Most of the competitors have a similar web theme shown in Figure 2 and Figure 3. They do not look at the internet as a medium to increase customer demand or improve the product image and branding.

Figure 2: KIC Website

Figure 3: Webb Wheel Website.

There are independent online part distributors such as which have the capabilities of a modern e-commerce website such as shopping cart, customer service and search capabilities. However, most of them are for automotive and consumer trucks instead of commercial trucking.
The commercial trucking components market is in the infant stages of E-Commerce and if ABC will build a good website, they can become the trend setter in the Commercial Vehicle market. The website can be shown at different truck trade shows which will help educate customers on the product lines but also on
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