Online Economic Uncertainty

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Now, Netflix users that use Comcast as their internet service provider will have smoother streaming over other internet service providers. The deal that was agreed upon has allowed Netflix to pay Comcast so that their services will be more reliable for Comcast users on Netflix (Wyatt and Cohen). This recent deal has brought about a significant deal of controversy that has customers, companies, and corporations alike discussing whether or not this violates network neutrality. Network neutrality is a fairly new term that has come about in the last decade because of the world’s recent reliance on technology and the internet. This term defines how internet service providers should enable equal opportunity to all sources on the internet without bias. With Netflix gaining an advantage over other services the equality portion of network neutrality has been violated. Although most people have come to the conclusion that network neutrality was clearly violated, the topic of discussion now is whether deals like this will benefit the online economy or retard it. There are many arguments claiming that foregoing network neutrality would actually stimulate the economy. This claim is largely recognized in the article “Subsidizing Creativity through Network Design: Zero-Pricing and Net Neutrality,” by Robin Lee and Tim Wu. The authors explain how the economy would actually benefit if network neutrality were to be…
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