Online Education At The Post Secondary Education System Essay

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A little over a decade ago a shift began taking place in the in the post-secondary education system. There was a time when a student in pursuit of a higher education had to attend a major university or college campus, and physically sit the classroom environment. However, thanks to technologies non-stop evolution, there are nearly an uncountable number of online classes available for students to take. Students are not limited to just a few courses there are entire degree programs available to them. The explosion of the online classes and programs available to students has been rapid. While this has been considered a positive shift in the education industry by many, it has also been provided some misconceptions, and is not for everyone. It is important for anyone considering an online education to know all the facts about these programs and what their benefits are. The number of students taking online classes and the number of colleges offering them nowadays, is staggering. Some experts reported in 2013, that “more than 6.7 million students – 32 percent of total higher ed enrollment,” (Sheehy, 2013) took at least one online class the previous academic year. That same report lists 62.4 percent of college campus offer fully online degrees, which is up from the 32.5 percent in 2002 (Sheehy, 2013). Another expert reported in 2013, “The number of college students taking at least one online course nearly doubled, from 23 percent to 45, over the last five years,” (Bolkan, 2013).
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