Online Education Is A Type Of Distance Learning

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Online education is a type of distance learning that involves taking courses without attending an on-campus college. Instead students and professors interact over the internet. It utilizes the Internet or videoconferencing to create learning communities. Course materials are provided on a Web site and are occasionally found on CD-ROM; email, bulletin boards, forums, and chat rooms are used to interact with other students and teachers. (“Online Learning?” 2015) In 1873 the first official online education program, called the “Society to Encourage Home Studies”, was established in Boston, Massachusetts by Ana Eliot Ticknor. Numbers statistics (how many colleges offer) Students now have the option of not only obtaining their education through one of the many online based colleges, but they can also choose from many local colleges as well. Online schools have their advantages and disadvantages. Students will receive the same value of an education online just as they would in a traditional on-campus school. Online education is a relatively new environment so it is best to consider both the pros and the cons. Body There are many strengths to taking college courses online even though online education was once seen as not equal to traditional courses. This is changing more and more each year. A survey of online learning conducted by Babson Survey Research Group, states that “Over 6.7 million students, or nearly one-third of all higher education students, enrolled in at least one
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