Online Education Is More Popular Among The Population

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Take a look around you. Everywhere you look people are on their phones, checking tweets, browsing the internet, and being sucked into a virtual world. We live in a society that is slowly becoming run by technology. You can do virtually anything online these days, including getting your high school diploma. In the first article we are introduced to the idea that online education is steadily becoming more popular among the population. “Currently, 31 states offer statewide full-time virtual schools, enrolling an estimated 275,000 students” (Watson, Murin, Vashaw, Gemin, & Rapp, 2012). While online education has many benefits, it also has many disadvantages. Online education has its benefits, like not having to get up early, getting to work at your own pace, being able to work anywhere you feel comfortable, and getting grades and responses from teacher in a matter of minutes with a touch of a button. All of these things sound like a great thing but with anything, there are disadvantages as well. Just because something is accessible with a touch a button, does it become accessible for everyone? In the first article, Making Online Learning Accessible for Students with Disabilities, the author talks about how the teacher implements many different teaching styles into the class such as projects, videos, discussion boards and much more. However she gets an email from the principal stating that the curriculum and lessons she created were not meeting the districts

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