Online Education Is Not A New Phenomenon

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Introduction Online education is not a new phenomenon in the world of higher education. The conveniences of online education for both students and institutions (i.e., greater access, increased flexibility, and decreased costs) have rapidly impacted current practices and policies involved with higher education. With a continuously growing demand for online learning, educators must be sure that online education is still pedagogically and andragogically sound. As Vonderwell (2003) puts it, there is an essential need for educators to have a deep understanding of the best web-based course instruction principles so that technological learning tools may be used in a successful manner. Currently the identification of the most effective instructional strategies in the online learning environment is at the forefront research being conducted about online education in order to provide guidance to those who develop and teach online courses. In my reflection paper, I discussed the issue surrounding the lack of instructor presence in one of my previous experiences with online education. One of the biggest struggles that online course instructors will have to face is determining the optimal level of instructor engagement (Sheridan & Kelly, 2010). While some instructors at one end of the spectrum might adopt the minimalist approach, those on the other end of the spectrum make the decision to become highly engaged with course activities. With this in mind, I sought out to explore the body

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