Online Education : The Final Milestone Of American Culture

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If college is seen as the final milestone in American culture where one transitions from an adolescent to an adult, college must prepare them for the real life. In many unprivileged societies, going to class on a campus may not be a luxury they can afford. That’s where online education comes in as an exciting alternative. Colleges and universities should offer more fully online courses because it can benefit tech savvy students, busy scheduled students, and students with physical or social disorders. Online courses are stress-free and with online tools it is much easier to learn at their pace. Whether they have to work during the day, or take care of a child, going to strictly scheduled events may not be an option for them. Therefore, to be able to complete their education online on their own time, may be the more practical approach to maintain their current living standard. More online education can benefit a wide variety of students in different fields of study. A study done by Ali Salajegheh, Alborz Jahangiri, Elliot Dolan-Evans and Sahar Pakneshan tested the effect of e-learning on first and second year radiology students. The first year students were allowed to access e-learning and second year students were not. Being able to identify specific details in radiological images can be a life or death situation sometimes, but it seems that skill is lacking with medical students plus even consultants and registrars. The authors wrote, “The duration of specific, pre-clinical

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