Online Education Vs Traditional Education

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The fast-paced rise of technology has introduced many topics up for debate, one of them being online learning. Which is the better option: traditional or online classes? Online education has become more and more popular with a “3.9% increase in the number of [online] education students” (2015) and “5.8 million students enrolled in online courses in the fall of 2014” (2015). When we look at the nuts and bolts of a traditional classroom setting compared to an online classroom setting, it becomes clear that online classes are the way to go. Not only do the many benefits of online learning heavily outweigh the small amount of benefits of traditional learning, there are also statistics to prove this and the educated opinions of educators…show more content…
Now, it is true that those in a traditional setting do not need to have as much self-discipline because “face-to-face interactions with instructors can help keep students on task” (2017). In other words, the instructors must constantly carp their students to stay on top of their assignments; is that really a benefit, though? A teacher’s job is not to treat a student like a child and repeatedly remind them about upcoming assignments and tests. Students need to learn how to have self-discipline because that is part of being responsible. Online classes aren’t the easy way out; they still “require students to keep up on required reading and assignments” (2017) and the instructor "stays in communication with regular phone conversations" (2017), so they give students the opportunity to learn how to adjust to a self-disciplined lifestyle without having to persistently remind their students about the coursework. An additional element to this debate is social interaction. First off, one can’t ignore that traditional classrooms offer a great amount of much needed interaction between the students and the teacher because “seeing and interacting with your instructors on a regular basis can be motivating for some” (2017), but that doesn’t mean that there is absolutely no interaction in online courses. Once again, online education comes through by offering “pre-recorded videos of the same lectures
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