Online Education Vs Traditional Education

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Getting degrees and university education is a significant decision since employers demand certain skills from employees and hence the demand for online learning has increased with time. In the USA, it estimated that 6.7 million people enrolled in online courses in 2011, and this was an increase of 500,000 students as compared to the year 2010. What is the difference between traditional and online education? According to Allison Hiltz, she states in her book that students nowadays learn in different ways due to increased technology. There exist several options when it comes to traditional and online degrees. Is one able to attend full-time college is, do you need flexibility with a busy schedule? Flexibility is a primary concern as for students. An example Casey Horton, she graduated as a student of Ashford University with a degree in sociology and psychology. After she had got a job and a family, she opted to pursue her education and hence thought that the online program was better off due to the flexibility (Bristow, Dennis, et al. Pg.241). Furthermore, online education is flexible to the student since most people are committed to work and family. Online classes have a schedule that enables a person to log in the best possible time when they find free time, as opposed to having to go to lectures in specified times. On the other hand, traditional education works best for those who have more time in their schedule. This mostly applies to people with little flexibility hence

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