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1. INTRODUCTION In these days, time, effort and money are such vital things that have to be used very efficiently to have a satisfactory outcome whatever work is to be done. Modern day technology makes life simple and easy in many ways. The Internet, for example, is a very helpful tool for the students for research purposes. It also features online applications (e.g. Students Information System, Enrollment System, and Grading System) that help individuals to work through the World Wide Web.

In other colleges and universities, they are already implementing Online Enrollment System for the ease and convenience of the students. However, in St. John Technological College of the Philippines, that is not
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Since proper records handling of the manual system is involved in this study, the proponents gathered all the necessary data that will help in enhancing the existing system of SJTCP.

A web application is an application that is accessed via the Internet. Web applications are popular due to ubiquity of the client. The ability to update and maintain web applications without distributing and installing software on potentially thousands of client computers are key reasons for their popularity. A significant advantage of building web applications to support a standard browser feature is the ability to perform as specified, regardless of the operating system installed on a given client. The proponents decided to adapt web application in their study because it enables the students, faculty, and administrators of the institution to gain 24-hour access and use to the proposed system via a client computer without any needs of installing or distributing any software.



St. John Technological College of the Philippines is using Manual Enrollment System which generally uses forms that are to be filled up by the students so that the school can have an update to the record of the student for the whole semester. But as the population of the students grows, the current system is no longer efficient, convenient and reliable to accommodate

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