Online Ethical, Legal, And Regulatory Issues In B2B Versus B2C

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Online Ethical, Legal, and Regulatory Issues in B2B versus B2C Introduction Companies doing business on the Web must be certain of their ability to manage the liabilities that can emerge as a result of today's online business environment. This environment includes laws and ethical factors that are sometimes different from those in the brick and mortar setting. The online environment often forms a network of customers who can have considerable levels of communication with each other. Online businesses that break the law or violate ethical standards, therefore, can face swift and harsh reactions from customers and other stakeholders who will quickly learn of the businesses' unscrupulous online behaviors. Online customers also have much…show more content…
In the B2C framework, ethics are important in that they establish and promote the credibility of the business to its online customers. B2C merchants, therefore, also must safeguard their customers' information, but without the level of customization offered by B2B businesses. for example asks for a username and password each time a site visitor asks for any type of customer account information, but they do not offer customized pricing for each customer as a B2B site would. Legal Issues Legal issues such as liability, contract validity and jurisdiction are equally important in both B2B and B2C frameworks, but they are slightly different because of the varying needs of B2B versus B2C customers. For example in the B2B framework the use of multiple networks and trading partners as well as various contacts within trading partner organizations make the documentation of responsibility challenging. Here the use of online enterprise software that tracks activity by individual user through the issuance of multiple usernames and passwords both among different partners and within a partner organization can alleviate this difficulty. Large printers such as Fry Communications, for example, who print for several different publishers, solve this problem through issuing multiple

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