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Features of the Customized Online Examination System in PHP and MySQL developed for a Maritime Academy: * Software Developed in PHP/MySQL. * Works on Apache webserver. * The Online examination is multi-platform compatible. It will work on any computer and operating system which has Apache, PHP and MySQL installed * Can be customised to include pictures, graphics and flash (swf) files in the questions of the Online examination. * Question Paper consists of Random Selection Of Questions. * Proper Weightage to Various Topics. * Questions asked and answers given stored in the database * Different Types of Multiple Choice Questions can be asked. * Answers processed and marks awarded Instantly. * View…show more content…
2.Submit all at once. The former one means the participants can not review and modify their answers to their submitted questions. However, with the latter way of submiting, the participants can review and modify their answered questions before they submit the final answers. Result Release Immediate release or timed release can be set to the examination. For some examinations consisting of objective questions, the scores can be calculated automatically when the testing is over. The participants can view the results instantly. If you don’t want the results to be viewed so early or there are some subjective questions needs manual grading, you can finish the grading job first and then the participants can visit the system website to check their testing results. Chapter 1: Preliminary Investigation about Existing System 1.1 INTRODUCTION Modern technology has added a new ingredient to this mix the Internet. The Internet can be regarded as a cheaper and improved version of the self-education resources. Some people like to take exam in a classroom is traditional manual examination because they are happy to sit there and have the teacher tell them what to learn, and when they get stuck, they are happy that there is someone there to help them, and they enjoy the social environment while taking exam. The traditional approach to measuring a person's level of knowledge in a topic has been the examination. These days there is often more emphasis on "internal"
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