Online Friendships Hurt Adolescent Development

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From these articles, I think that the basic argument that is being debated is psychologists Lauren Donchi and Susan Moore argued that online friendships hurt adolescent development. "It's a Boy Thing: The Role of the Internet in Young People's Psychological Wellbeing,” indicates the side effects to adolescents’ use of Internet. They conclude that "all well-being measures were negatively related to Internet focus." The article points out that time spent with online friends displaces offline relationships and time online negatively affected both emotional and social factors. However, Professors of Communication Patti M. Valkenburg and Jochen Peter affirms that online friends do no damage psychological wellbeing in the article"Online Communication and Adolescent Well-being: Testing the Stimulation Versus the Displacement Hypothesis." They even point out that online friendships can enhance offline relationships. Besides these two articles mentioned above, there are many research studies that relate to the issue of whether or not online friendships hurt adolescent development. Each side has its own reasons. For instance, those who believe that online friendships hurt adolescent development, Donchi and Moore claim that Internet use can psychologically impair adolescent development. They found that more time spent online was related to more loneliness. According to the article, Donchi and Moore mention that longer amounts of time could be interpreted as relatively antisocial,
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