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Blog 7 – How to make the absolute most of an online casino bonus Let me tell you something, as a true veteran of the industry, I am all to aware of what is needed from somebody in order to “make it”. While everyone will consider himself or herself to be unique, the reality is that every online gambler’s journey starts the same way. It is through online casino bonuses that modern day players are able to step into realm with dreams of winning big. Finding the right online casino bonus has made it effortless through the popularisation of the online casino portal. While these sites may help you locate an online casino bonus, you are going to need a little more than just that to use one effectively. Through my very own experience I have…show more content…
These requirements take the form of withdrawal, wagering, and game cap requirements. When you first see these requirements, you may think of them to be quite innocuous, but they are far from that. The toughest requirement you face will be the wagering requirement, as it can be damming even at the best of times. The actual number you face will range from 5x to 500x and represents how many times you are going to have to gamble the bonus amount offered to you. The reason why a wagering requirement is implemented is clear, the online casino wants to make sure you walk away from a game with nothing. So while you may land a few wins, the wagering requirements are in place to make sure you keep playing regardless. Personally, it is my belief that a casino bonus with a wagering requirement of more than 30x isn’t even worth considering. Wagering requirements are the nastiest element you’ll face when it comes to an online casino bonus, but there is more to them just that. Withdrawal requirements and game locks are also in place to slow you down. Dealing with later, you should be very cautious of online casino bonuses that implement a strict game locks. Because huge bonuses aren’t worth anything if you are only limited to use them on set number of games. Withdrawal limits are also becoming pretty common and that should have you (as well as all other players) worried. These limits can cut your wins down to size in a heartbeat and
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