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Blog 7 – Online casinos continue to raise the stakes when it comes to prizes

In the world of online casino gaming it truly is a jungle out there. Whether you are a player scouting an online casino portal for the best deal or an online casino fighting it out to secure new business, it can be a warzone to say the very least. However, as this war has taken place, what has occurred has actually worked wonders in pushing the industry forward. New games and new innovations are regularly released, with the industry barely standing still for second. This all makes for an exciting field to be involved in. As online casinos become more competitive and player’s skill levels increase, the need for better and bigger prizes has become more apparent.
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They have put up for grabs a Bahamas Golf Vacation and an exclusive one at that. The name of Rich Casino is in many ways a giveaway to what’s in store should players choose to gamble there. Luxury is often the call of the cay and the online casino’s latest prize is no different. The prize package is sure to help one lucky player relax like they never have before. An all-inclusive package, players will spend 7-nights in a luxury Bahamas hotel and be given full and unrestricted access to some of the most picturesque golf courses on earth. The winner can ever take a friend with them should they wish. To enter the competition, all a player needs to do is make a qualifying deposit. What this prize represents is a new era of online casino prizes that taken on more than just a nominal cash value.

Life Changing Sums of Money

Cash has not been neglected in the prize stakes either. As progressive jackpots have changed the way people play. No longer dealing in the nominal affairs of the past. Progressive jackpots work on a network system, which means the more people play the more money is added to the prize pot. The potential is almost unlimited and has such concept has shown in the past, games like Mega Moolah have offered up high seven figure jackpots. Going above and beyond the call of the norm, progressive jackpot games offer up prizes that truly have the power to change someone’s life forever.

Change for the Better

The online casino industry is changing, as players
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