Online Game Addiction

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John Rench Louis R. Villas

Studies have constantly verified the reality of a small subgroup of video gamers that is seemingly addicted to games. Although video game addiction is not a new observable fact, the introduction of an online component in the current generation of games has almost certainly increased the size and possibility of the problem. This online factor in gaming led to the instigation of handling programmers targeting gaming addiction. Consequently, there is increasing focus upon online games when studying video game addiction. Both Korean and western researchers report particularly that Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs)
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The time around the new millennium offered new technologies and design capabilities. Here is when the idea of computer and online gaming really took off and has led to what we see in the gaming world today. Graphics and devices significantly improved which allowed for users to experience games in a more realistic, live way and to share that new experience with multiple players online. Like many other areas within technology, the computer and online gaming world started off simple and became more complex. In 1962 Spacewar! was one of the first games created for computer use. It was developed by a team at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) using minicomputer and new display technologies in order to produce a space mission type of experience for its users. This initial major development led to developments of home game consoles which helped inspire bringing those games to personal home computers. The late 1970s and 1980s brought the development of these personal computer games made by Infocom, a major computer game developer of the time. Their games were based on role-playing and simulation plot lines that the user was able to control and influence. This led to many advancements in multiplayer capabilities. In 1989 another major development was made as the idea of virtual reality was explored. This presented the idea of using
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