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1. What is your in-game name?

My In game name is currently "TheNewPup".

2. Have you changed your name in the past? If you have, please list them.

My Previous Names are The following: XxTgmXxX, ImPuppyHD, and ImTrending_.

3. Does anyone else have access to your Minecraft account?

No, I am not very trusting to give my MineCraft account password to anyone. (Ive Changed it multiple times.)

4. How old are you?

I am Currently 14. My birthday Is June 11th. I was born in 2003.

5. What timezone are you in?

I am Currently in EST (Eastern Time Zone).

6. Are you multilingual? Can you speak multiple languages?

No. I have not yet learned to speak any other languages.

7. What is your experience and knowledge of Minecraft?

My knowledge is
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At first I thought that was OK using all the ability in WURST. But 3 days later I was using kill aura and got banned for 4 weeks for using Kill aura. From that day on I never used a hacked client.

11. Have you ever been banned on a Minecraft server?

Yes I was banned. I also have used a hacked client for testing purposes. This will better my knowledge of people hackusating other people because I know what to look for. But this helped me to become a stronger individual.

12. What do you consider your greatest strength?

I would say that one of my greatest strengths is knowing how to responsibly react to what is the disruption of the server and how to fix what it is. For example, if there were a bug or issue to occur on the server, and I was being spammed with messages about this issue, I will react calmly and carefully and as fast as possible to try to resolve or fix this issue as quickly and effectively and as quickly as I can.

13. What do you consider your greatest weakness?

Me being inactive. Sometimes I may have to go off for like 1-2 weeks because of my grandmother. Shes had 3 or 4 surgery's and I am the only one that lives with her. I will always put my grandmother infront of a game, but I'll get back to providing my help to breachpvp as soon as I can.

14. How active do you consider yourself on BreachPVP?

Havent been very active this season so far, But I am getting very active almost as active as I
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