Online Gaming Issues

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\ The Addiction of Online Gaming Online gaming is becoming a major concern in the world today. Online gaming is becoming more and more popular among various ages in today’s society. Along with this becoming popular, it is starting to become known as an addition as well. . The addiction of the game is causing serious negative psychological effects. These negative psychological effects are not only affecting the life of the one playing, but it is also affects the life’s of the ones closest to them. Online gaming is affecting people’s health and physical ability. It is also causing negative affects in the gamers’ mental state of mind, both socially and emotionally. These are just a few of the negative psychological affects that online…show more content…
Since they can become anyone online, they hide behind the person they have created and since it’s easier to hide behind this persona, they spend as much time online as they possibly can. Some people are beginning to link the nation’s obesity problem to online gaming. “Obesity statistics continue to rise at a disturbing pace. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, obesity rates in children under 12 rose from about 15 percent in 1999 to nearly 19 percent in 2004, with a projected 20 percent rate in 2010” (Banks, 2010). Many children would prefer to go home after school and play online games instead of playing outside with their friends. They sometimes spend hours in one position in front of the television set, which means they aren’t getting any physical activity. “Overweight kids suffer emotionally and mentally as they face ridicule and teasing about being fat” (Banks 2010). These overweight children often become overweight adults and are expected to go out in the world to find successful jobs but have no social skills and all they are comfortable with is the world they have created online. If parents don’t start standing up and setting limits for their children then at this rate the world’s health, mental and social skills of our society is going to decrease greatly in the future. Online gaming is becoming a major concern of addiction in the world today. Online gaming is becoming more and more popular and increasing at a
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