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Blog 1 – Online casino tournaments slowly becoming standard practice

Looking at the online casino landscape in its current form, you could be forgiven for thinking that there was already plenty enough on hand to keep players entertained. However, it seems that while there is a lot to love about the online casino setup in 2015, there are plenty of players who are longing for something more, something that would further put their skills to the test. Tournaments are now more commonplace than ever, with online casinos such as Crazy Vegas Casino now making them regular monthly events.

Natural Competition

The concept of competitive casino gaming has its roots within land-based casinos. In such environment that thrill of poker seemed to spill over, inspiring other casino games to introduce competitive play. When online casinos first launched, the art of convenience was prioritised over everything. Human interaction and more importantly competition seemed to fall by the wayside. However, as of late online casinos have sought to change that by bringing such elements back. This new trend is seeing online casinos look to meet their customers halfway by introducing tournament play. Largely focused around slots games, the goal of such is to bring players together, all the while raising the interest in slot game play. It seems that players have made their opinion known. They want to see the return of natural competition to the gambling landscape and it seems that the industry has…
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