Online Higher Education 's Individualist Fallacy Essay

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Have you ever wondered what the best college learning method for a working adult is online or campus? If working adults took online courses they can do their work anywhere there is an internet connection however they have to ask themselves; would I get the same or better education I could if I was sitting in a classroom? In a classroom setting they would get the interaction with fellow classmates and the professor who all come from different places in their lives. If the working adult had a question or did not understand they would get the results right away, on the other hand, if the student is learning online they have to wait for their professor. The response time for their email to be read and returned will not be there when it’s fresh in the student’s mind. If one is planning on going to college as a working adult, he or she should consider the value of taking the time and attend classes on campus. In the article titled “Online Higher Education’s Individualist Fallacy” written by Johann N. Neem was about the “Individualist Fallacy” which is ecological studies and instrumental variables. Some boosters think the traditional campus is going to be displaced (102). Richard Vedder believes that campus is only good for “making friends, partying, drinking, and having sex” (103). While others like Jaron Lanier; a computer scientist, said that “computers exist to support human endeavors” (104). Bill Gates thinks that in five years the best lectures in the world
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