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The Indian tourism industry is growing at a fast pace. This growth has immensely benefited another sector – the hotel industry. This benefit to hotel industry have led to the conception of Hotel Management. As the interaction of tourist to the hotel increased this have led to the further development of an Online Hotel Management.
The website which deals with the easy online reservation of rooms in a hotel for audience who have basic computer knowledge are known as Hotel Management Website’s. Which provide an easy solution for an online customer who can now by sitting at home can book a room of his choice.
Online hotel management system provide user a greater details of room availability, contact information, latest offer and
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This both increases fun factor of developing such features and reduces development time significantly, allowing developers to focus their efforts on things that matter. As a bonus you get lightweight websites with reduced number of files and images that need to be downloaded for the site to look good. All this makes sites to load faster increasing responsively and enhancing user experience.
4. HTML5 lets you do things previously impossible
With new functionalities that an awesome combination of CSS3 and HTML5 give us we can do things that were never possible to achieve in pure HTML. Things that would previously require external plugins like Adobe Flash or Microsoft Silverlight are now achievable in a browser through HTML5. Heavy support for animations and transition allows the possibility to create complicated dynamic visual effects through CSS3 rather than flash. Modern JavaScript API support to things like application storage, geolocation allow developers to create complete web based applications through native HTML and CSS. All that is very cool, for one, but also it allows to create all of this, both web sites and web applications using the same technology.
5. HTML5 supports mobile devices
With all that in mind we come to a conclusion, the final reason why HTML5 matters – it is mobile friendly. With all that was mentioned earlier, the lightweight visual effects, the support from industry, the support form browser vendors, it is now

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