Online Identity: Women's Sexual Double Standard

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Online Identity My online avatar is a brave girl named Shirley. Shirley is at 20 and has an attractive appearance and personality. She is 5’7’’ in height and has an oval, long brown curly hair, a pale complexion, a complete absence of moles, large eyes, and a pronounced bridge of the nose. She is sexy, confident, outgoing, and brave. Although Shirley is such a perfect girl, she faces some pressures from the surroundings. Some people do not like her because of her dressing style and ways to express love. Unlike some other girls, she often wears a mini dress and high heels on campus; she likes expressing her love by kissing and hugging in the public. Before meeting her Mr. Right, she has some casual sex. However, she does not mind it because she just wants to experience different lives. These behaviors make many girls and boys believe that she is a “whore” sleeping with different men. She is so tired of being stereotyped in such ways and believes that she is subjected to the sexual double standard that exists between males and females. The sexual double standard, according to Michael Flood, refers to two standards of sexual behavior, one for men and another for women, in which men’s sexual behavior is relatively free of social constraint while women’s sexual…show more content…
In many movies, TV programs, and music video clips which refer to both genders show that women who have several sexual partners are labeled as “sluts” or “whores” while men who sleep around get praised for being a “player” and can be socially accepted. For example, in the 2010 movie, Essay A, Olive is confronted with consequences of rumors of her sexuality being made public. Women like Shirley and Olive are criticized more than men by the media for engaging in the same
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