Online Investigation And Intentional Of My Own Name

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I have always been interested in names. At one point in my life, I would spend hours researching them on various websites, saving my favorites for future use in one of the many books I planned on writing. I’m sure my parents, if they had seen my browser history –,, – would have been very concerned. Nevertheless, the existence of these websites is a testament to the fact that I was not the only one who was obsessed; in recent years, interest in names has spiked as parents endeavor to find the perfect word to describe their child. Initially, I was merely capitalizing on this trend to fulfill my own curiosity about the origins of my own name – Jessica Paige James. Through a combination of…show more content…
He was, perhaps, the most stereotypical Jew in Shakespeare’s works, a caricature possessing all the negative traits associated with Jews by the people of the sixteenth century. Thus, in my parents’ attempt to appease their relations by avoiding a name with Semitic connotations, they ignorantly assigned me a name associated with one of the most famous Jews in western cultural history. I find this hilarious. A person’s middle name is far less significant, usually an afterthought or a second choice. It has no real use, and very few people outside of the individual’s family know what it is. It is not part of an individual’s first impression. Nevertheless, my middle name – Paige – actually had a bit of thought put into it. Back in the 90’s, my parents had developed a bit of an obsession with the soap opera Knots Landing. My father, in particular, became enamored of one of the primary female characters. A “strong, independent woman” who knew what she wanted, Paige possessed several traits that my dad hoped his daughters would have. So, he made me, his eldest, her namesake. Learning that you are named after a soap opera character is a bit dismaying, but I have come to terms with it over the years. After all, I want to be a “strong, independent woman” as well; sharing a name with a relatively famous one is a nice little motivator. Finally, a person’s last name is perhaps the most significant one of all; it connects them with other individuals and
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