Online Learning And Online Education

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According to the Fe-ConE Team (E-Learning Basics), the virtual learning world was brought to attention in the year of 1999. Technology has advanced tremendously since then, and it is only getting more complex with time. As technology has immersed itself into almost every part of life in today’s society, it has most definitely been absorbed into the education world. When one mixes technology and education, online learning is brought to life. Many believe that going to school online is a fabulous invention, because online classrooms can bring education to anyone, in any place imaginable. Some also argue that online classes can be more affordable than taking classes in the traditional classroom. Although a large number of American students believe that online learning is a valuable education tool, numerous research studies have shown quite the opposite. Online students have lower communication skills, are able to cheat easier, and have drastically different grade point averages. Thousands of students across the country have taken to going to school online, thinking that they are receiving the same quality of education as a student in a traditional classroom. What they do not know is that they are not getting the type of education experience that they deserve. This research paper will address only some of the numerous problems with online learning, and will display the strong benefits of going to school in a traditional classroom.
The educational experience for college students…
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