Online Learning As A Form Of Education

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The last few decades has seen a rapid development in internet and electronic devises industry. At the same time, online learning, as a form of distance education, “imposes itself strongly and becomes a core concern of human thought and modern life.” (Saleem, 2016, p.53). As an untraditional method of education, online learning is very different from traditional ones. Those different make the outcome of online learning hard to be evaluated and examined. However, due to its low cost and high flexibility, online learning can help people achieve life-learning and may have a profound influence in the development of intellectual capital. There is a need to determine the effect of online learning as a form of education to see how it works, and how students learn.
For Chinese students, not until the internet became accessible for most families, they became aware of this platform. Now, there is an increasing number of Chinese students use it to access to higher education. This research aims to explore the effects of online learning from the perspective of learners and help Chinese online learners distinguish the advantages (e.g. stronger intention to learn) and disadvantages (e.g. culture difference, lack of interaction, language difficulty, courses of low quality, and lack of supervisor) of this platform, and thereby improve their learning experience.

Theoretical Framework
Scholars used to think that there are four several stages of cognitive development. According…
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