Online Learning Success

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In today’s society, so many people are continuing their education beyond high school. We realize that in order to make a decent living, a degree is most likely a requirement. In some cases even a bachelor’s degree is not enough to qualify for many positions. Nevertheless, thanks to technology, we now have the option to learn online or in a traditional classroom setting. There are very few differences between the two, and students need to understand that as much time and energy will need to be devoted to the online courses as on a campus. “A 2010 meta-analysis and review of online-learning studies concluded that online learning was as good as or slightly more effective than traditional face-to-face instruction” (Mendenhall, 2011).…show more content…
Those who find it difficult to organize sometimes find themselves struggling with simple activities, and they usually have a higher stress level. “An organized person gives a much better business impression than someone who can't find a phone number, has an office piled with cardboard boxes or is always late for appointments” (Gracia) . One action that you can take to become more organized is to plan your day to day routine. Also, there are numerous training programs and books that are catered specifically to developing these important skills. The benefits to being an organized person are numerous, and will reap great rewards in every aspect of life. In my current profession, as an administrative assistant I assist over 30 physicians. Therefore, I have to be extremely organized. It is vital that I do not keep a messy office as I would get very stressed and lose track of important information. Also, in my opinion, it does not look very professional when your office is cluttered or you always looking for things. I have a system in place to make sure my desk is free from clutter. Even though I have not yet to perfect my organization skills, I feel that continuing to develop great organization skills will allow me to be more effective and efficient in the professional world. Many online students feel as though they have more time available for courses. This leads to them procrastinating on working on assignments and studying.
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