Online Learning Vs. Online Education

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Every year of each semester, very large numbers of students in the US take at least one online class during their schooling period (The future 2). Besides “…that some U.S. states are now requiring young people to take a least one online course during their schooling” (Loertscher, Koechlin 50). In 2006, these numbers of students took classes online were estimated about 3.5 million. ( 2). Back in the 1980s, online learning limited only on previously recorded videos and some old tapes have been used for some time and among other things(2), but online learning has increased with the pace of 21st Century technological development. Some schools in US and abroad, entirely offer its classes online only and other schools have both online learning and the ultimate traditional methods as well. In addition to that, the technological advancement has been stimulating online learning with more innovation in the way it is seen now than before. For instance, there are some nonprofit institutions are providing online learning for student such as, provides free online courses in Computers, Healthcare, and Accounting, and others. Some people are implying that, the most inspiring thing about the online learning, is it has more options than the traditional methods. Particularly to those who have limited time, and others people. The technological advancements, have given online learning a place on the horizon with other learning methods. Online learning has been demonstrated through
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