Online Learning Vs. Traditional Classroom

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Higher education has become an important commodity in today’s society. We are told as children that college is the only way to obtain a good job and secure our future. Once a student has decided to pursue. The traditional learning experience is sold as we tour campuses. This is the way higher education has been completed since its inception. Society has evolved and so has the ways to obtain higher learning. Students now have the option to complete their learning online, as well as, the traditional route. Online learning has been looked at as a lower level of learning, compared to the traditional classroom setting. I believe that online learning has now evolved to the level that it is equal to the traditional classroom setting. I also believe that online learning adds additional benefits to students when used in conjunction with traditional learning. To better understand this, a knowledge of the different settings will need to be explained.
The traditional setting is where a student sits in a classroom and learns from an instructor during lecture and demonstration. Bo Keum Choi, of the Institute for Whole Person Education with Sogang University, and Ellen L. Park, of the Baird University College at SoongSil University, (2014), state “The traditional college classroom design is based on the educational space that first appeared in medieval universities. Since then classrooms have not changed except in their size.”(749) This shows that the traditional classroom has remained the
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