Online Learning Vs. Traditional Classroom

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When a person thinks of someone going to college they probably imagine them walking across a large campus or sitting in a lecture hall among other students. While this is the way many people do choose to attend college, there are also those who have chosen to get their degree in an online setting. Online learning gives people the opportunity to get their education in a way that is more flexible and can fit in with their daily lives. Though both are reputable forms of higher educations, there are distinct differences between learning in a tradition classroom and learning in an online setting. The most obvious difference in online learning versus traditional classroom learning is the setting. Traditionally, students would gather in a classroom where they would take notes, listen to lectures, turn in work, and take exams. Online learning, on the other hand, can take place in multiple locations at various times. Online college programs, like Bethels, give more flexibility to students because there are no set times for lectures. Videos of lectures and other important information relating to the class can be viewed at any time and they can also be viewed as often as needed. Because these lectures are constantly available, student can view the videos and reading material multiple times in order to get a better understanding of the class. Books are also commonly available within the online classroom, giving students even more access (Bethel University, 2014). Online learning is a
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