Online Learning and the Adult Learner Essay

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Online Learning and the Adult Learner Christian E. Onuoha College 100 American Public University Jennifer Staley Online Learning and the Adult Learner Knowledge is power, therefore it is always a good thing for adults to be involved in continued education. The level does not really matter, be it in pursuant of certificate, bachelor or doctorate degree, but the ability to be involved in the process and going through the rigors of such endeavor, irrespective of age, family or profession. The joy of continuous education for an adult learner, is the legacy they leave behind for their grandchildren. It demonstrates that, there is no age limit to acquiring more knowledge, especially now that…show more content…
Online education is especially valuable to those students who juggle demanding work, familial and social schedules that necessitate access to learning in special forms. The idea of online training becomes valuable to the business world as well as trainers also face situations with adult learners who may experience similar constraints especially those of time and geographical distance. (Bartley & Golek, 2004). Traditional system of learning, or face to face is still the preferred way of learning amongst the younger generation, especially high school graduates. Some of the reasons include; family recommendation, or alma mater of a family member, or parents, also the ability to interact with peers face to face, enjoying the hustle and bustle of college activities, dorm and general campus social life. The cost of attending face to face college is still very high compared to the cost of attending distance learning schools, under normal circumstances, transportation cost, books and other course materials cost are considered. Furthermore, time is wasted going back and forth to school, so these are the main difference adults prefer online schools to face to face. It has been noted that despite the increase in the number of adults enrolling into colleges to study online, a reasonable number of adults do not complete, or drop out from online schools. Family pressure is one
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