Online Learning vs. Traditional Classroom Learning

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In the past, most college students were limited in their options regarding how they obtain their education. However, now a day’s students have various options. Students are able to choose whether they want to complete their education through online learning, rather than in a traditional classroom. As, a student is making that choice it is critical that they choose the best learning environment that allows them to meets their individual needs. When students are selecting the best learning environment there are various consideration that should be made before a decision is made. Education ourselves about the benefits and disadvantages allows us to narrow our selection between online learning and traditional classroom learning. Regardless of the choice in education type we make in order to succeed we need to be focused, dedicated, and motivated.
There are others who argued that Traditional classes can be crowded; students multiple learning approaches are not met, and there is the “one size fits all" approach that attempts to force students to learn in the same way. On the other hand, online teaching offers students various benefits such as; schedule flexible, ease of accessibility, range of options, and control over study time. It allows students the opportunity to learn from the comfort of their own home and at their convenience. As, for me due to my busy work schedule I have a challenging time taking courses in a traditional classroom. Additionally, since I have two young
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