Online MBA Programs vs. On-Site Programs

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Online MBA Programs versus On-site Programs
Andrew Cortez
Managerial Marketing
BUS 620
Sharif Muhammad
October 23, 2011

Online MBA Programs versus On-site Programs With unemployment rates at an all time high combined with the increasing costs associated with traditional brick and mortar schools, online education is by far one of the fastest growing and thriving industries. As younger students are attempting to pursue traditional higher education, they are realizing that the costs are not only increasing daily, but the programs are longer in duration and often not a better education than the online line programs. Those who have lost their jobs and need an edge over other unemployed candidates are finding that a B.A
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Where as our initial marketing plan was very narrow, the market has since completely opened up and we now are in a position expand our offerings to larger audience. We will propose to re-brand and redirect our SDHE as to appeal to a much broader demographic segment. The ultimate goal is to convince potential students that SDHE is a viable higher education institution that exceeds the offerings of our competitors while maintaining a lower cost for an MBA degree. Our niche is that we are in fact a smaller institution and can therefore offer a more customized program in which students do not feel as though they are just a source of revenue for our company; they will feel as though they are receiving critical and accessible services that they will not receive from the larger institutions.

1. Description of Target Market:
Demographic Segment: Male/Females between the ages of 22-45+ who have an understudy degree, income 35K-80K per year.
Psychographic Segment: Looking towards individuals who come from industries that have been most impacted by economy, such as real estate, banking, construction., retail, home improvement, pharmaceuticals, marketing, cell phone, and automotive industries (Rampell, 2009).
Geographic Segment: Target for this particular marketing plan should include California, Nevada, Florida, Arizona, Idaho and Louisiana as these states have been hit hardest by the

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