Online Market Is Very Competitive

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Online market is very competitive. There 're many websites and blogs fighting for an online audience. To be successful in this highly competitive industry, you require careful planning and execution. More than 75% of the world 's population searches for products, services and information through search engines. As online users search for products and services, they type certain keyword phrases that will guide search engines on the information required. Since there 're many websites that have similar information, search engines have to rank websites. It 's this ranking that creates opportunities and problems. Some websites are ranked first while others are ranked last. On Page SEO is what you need to get to the first page of search…show more content…
This will increase ranking among search engines. You 've got very few seconds to convince the audience that they should stay on your page. Typically, you 've got between 5 and 8 seconds to convince your audience to stay on your webpage. Online audiences will not hesitate to move away from your website the moment they don 't get what they 're looking for. Your work is to make that page as interactive and user friendly as possible. Implementing specific On Page SEO strategies will reward you handsomely in the long-run. You only need to continue practicing them from time to time. But, you need to understand these strategies and how to apply them. Meta Tags Implementation of meta tags can prove very beneficial if done well. Meta tags basically provide information about your webpage to the search engines. Title Tags A title tag is very important. Apart from giving a summary of what a page is about, a title tag is also what online users see when they search for services and products you offer. Better title tags shouldn 't exceed 70 characters. When writing title tags, ensure that they 're relevant and not more than 70 characters. Although title tags are small, they carry a substantial amount of information. Write as much information as possible in your title tag. On your title you can write your core keyword and location, to stand out from your competitors. Do not forget, though, that relevance is important. Users are
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