Online Music Library Mangement System Project Proposal

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ISLINGTON COLLEGE B.Sc (HONS.) FOR COMPUTING PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT FOR COMPUTING [CC2018NI] PROJECT PROPOSAL ON DEVELOPMENT OF AN ONLINE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR A MUSIC STORE SUPERVISOR: MR. SANJIV UDASH SUBMITTED BY : ANIS DANGOL (L2C3) 11069732 25th July,, 2013 2350 Words Marking Scheme Title page and Table of Contents | /3 marks | Introduction | /6 marks | Aims and objectives | /7 marks | Project background including some literature review | /7 marks | Proposed tools and techniques | /6 marks | Project boundaries, constraints, risks, contingency plans | /6 marks | Project Plan | /6 marks | References and Bibliography | /5 marks | English and…show more content…
Every race and culture in human history has experienced music in one form or another. From the simple clapping of hands and the singing of a melody to the act of playing instruments, music is linked to our history our present and our future. Depending on how one defines music, you could say that everything in the universe has music within it. Music can be defined as the organization of vibrations in time. So it is no longer just the obvious birds and whales and other animals that can make music, but also down to the microscopic scale, the vibrations of a cell or an atom can be considered music of a sort. Some even believe that the universe itself is simply one huge symphony, sending vibrations across time and space. Development of an online management system for a music store requires Java as programming language and MYSQL as data stores in order up to build up an absolute working system. Technology determines music. Despite the variety of sounds that could be called music and despite the many different animals, cultures, and time periods music has existed in, for virtually all of musical history there

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