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Blog 4 – Reports show increased call for online poker room inclusive online casinos

In what looks to be a fascinating new study, KeyToCasino has taken a deep look into the thoughts and playing trends of online casino players around Europe. Given that KeyToCasino are already a highly reputable source for online casino information, it seems that the studies they put together often make for good reading. The latest study addresses online casinos that come with inclusive poker rooms, prompting some surprising results.

The big reveal has shown that online casinos that feature inclusive poker rooks are generally deemed by players to be more trustworthy than those that don’t. The study also showed that such casinos have increased language options, faster payout times, and a more open approach to bankroll management. Considering that online poker has fallen from grace in recent years, it makes the results even more interesting. Whether they actually play online poker or not, it looks like players favour the option and like how online poker integration improves the performance of an online casino overall. Speaking on the results of the study KeyToCasino Research Coordinator Olena Prachenko said, “When anyone gambles online a positive experience certainly isn’t guaranteed, but it seems that a large number of players are finding great joy in playing at online casinos that have poker room integration”.

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Making sure that the study is fair; KeyToCasino detailed over…

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