Online Privacy: An ALA Interpretation Of The Library

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As information professionals it is our right and duty to protect the privacy, either in person or digital, of our patrons. While I can understand the governments needs to obtain information that could be deemed valuable to the fight on terrorism, as a new librarian, I want my patrons to feel free to express themselves and be uninhibited with their library use. Within the ALA’s Interpretation of the Library’s Bill of Rights on Privacy it states “The library profession has a long-standing commitment to an ethic of facilitating, not monitoring, access to information.” (Privacy: An ALA Interpretation to the Library Bill of Rights, 2002). However, this issue is online privacy is much larger in scope and we can hope to curb the battle in the ways in which we are able.…show more content…
The spiral of silence states “…people suppress unpopular opinions to fit in and avoid social isolation.” (Turner, 2016). If the minority are afraid to speak their opinions and thoughts, due to wanting to conform to the masses, this in turn could lead others to not formulate detailed, individual opinions. Which in turn would become a snowballing effect. Instead, they could continue to follow the ideas and opinions of the mass, without the ability or foresight to develop an opposing opinion. Which could hinder the ability for forwarding thinking. By hindering that ability could also limit the development our
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