Online Recruitment Is An Effective Method Of Recruitment

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Having the best talent in any industry is paramount. Successful companies create strategic plans to find and develop the best talent available. This strategic process is referred to as Talent Management. The Project Management Institute explains that “proper talent management is a strategic competency - a blend of recruitment, professional development, succession planning and execution of best practices” (“Organization Talent Management,” n.d., para. 2). A segment of talent management includes recruiting internal and external candidates for current and future job openings. Many organizations are finding that e-recruiting or online recruiting is the most efficient and effective method of recruitment. Online recruiting is “the process of using the internet to find and recruit talented candidates” (“Online Recruiting,” n.d., para. 1). Indeed, online recruitment is an effective method for reaching large candidate pools without geographic boundaries. However, accessing a global candidate pool requires preparation and planning. To this end, organizations should prepare for the administrative burdens that come with online recruiting and plan to fulfill the recruitment needs of both the candidates and the organization. This paper will explore the planning, design, and management of online recruitment to provide an organization with a competitive edge in talent management. Using e-Recruiting to support Organizational Goals Human resource (HR) professionals work alongside
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