Online Recruitment Methods And Traditional Staffing Methods

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Strategic staffing is the key element to recognize and deal all concerns related to staffing in several departments. Moreover, staffing is the process of selecting, attracting, and retaining the best talents to reach the organizations goals. Nowadays, some organizations have a difficult time to recruit the right candidates. Furthermore, organizations use two staffing methods to recruit candidates. Technology has brought incredible changes in recruiting process. Also, web technology still revolutionizes recruiting and more than 100 000 employers in the world recruit on the internet and not using the traditional method. The internet staffing is a strategy that gives the opportunity to get tested anywhere in the world while…show more content…
Today, many organizations challenge to hire people with whatever the way they proceed; especially when they know which method is more efficient than the other. Nowadays, HR professionals have change their recruitment processes by switching from traditional recruiting methods to Internet hiring practices because they have benefits by doing so. Furthermore, I found a document providing relevant strategies companies use to recruit. In addition, through this study I expect to understand what makes Internet staffing different from traditional staffing because both can lead companies to hire. Focus The particular focus of this paper is to understand why companies choose to hire through Internet. We know that the business world has become very competitive, and every organization is looking for the right employee by using the proper methods of hiring process. Research by Catherine Fyock stated “If you are looking to fill a job position in your company, forget about the traditional methods of recruitment” (Catherine Fyock, 2000 ). Nowadays, companies use more modern methods rather than traditional ones. Therefore, the focus is to find information and provide the benefits and challenges of both means of recruiting. Literature review The first article is a study titled “Study: Online recruiting should diversify not replace, traditional hiring” ” by Dina Berta. The study
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