Online Relationships Essay

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Online Relationships

Cyberspace relationships have the advantages of time, distance depletion, and fantasy abilities (Suler). Internet users can take on different identities or take part in fantasy games. They can become someone else. James Katz and Philip Aspen report that the Internet is a place to make friends and stay in touch with far away relatives (Stoll). It makes distance disappear. Also, online a person is given time before they must respond to the other person (Suler). They are given the opportunity to better articulate themselves in writing. It is also possible to store conversations with friends on-line (Suler). Sometimes face to face relationships are hard to make. It’s easier for a shy or awkwardly social person to use
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Babies loose their love bond and do not develop secure attachments without being touched (Suler). Touch, as well as many physical activities, cannot be fully recreated in cyberspace (Suller). Body language and communication through facial movements are completely absent. The tones and timbre of a person’s voice are even missing (Suller). The scent and even taste of a person cannot be recreated in cyberspace (Suller). “Mother Nature was pretty clever in giving us eyes, ears, skin, noses, and tongues – all interconnected in marvelous ways that science still doesn’t fully understand. Those clusters of sensation make for relationships that are highly robust in emotion and meaning” (Suller).

The touchable friend cannot be replaced! “The overwhelming majority of on- line friendships simply aren’t deep. On-line friends can’t be depended on for help with tangible favors: small loans, babysitting, help with shopping or advice about jobs and careers” (Stoll). Simply put, on-line friendships are lacking a very important physical bond. “Cyberspace relating is a wonderful supplement to IPR [In-Person Relationships], but in the long run it’s not ultimately fulfilling as a substitute especially when it comes to intimate relationships. Most people who develop close friendships and romances in cyberspace eventually want and need to meet their friend or lover in-person” (Suler). The Internet is great for keeping up with friends that live far away. However, when one just needs a
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